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About SPER Students' Forum [SPER-SF]

SPER-SF is an international forum for young students’ across the Pharmacy profession under the aegis of Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research [SPER].

SPER Students' Forum [SPER-SF] will work actively and closely to execute the objectives of the society with the direct involvement of our young pharmacists. SPER-SF will carry out the various activities related to awareness for pharmacy profession, healthcare awareness programmes, scientific symposiums and workshops, industrial visits, student exchange programmes, cultural events etc.

SPER Students' Forum [SPER-SF] will have various positions at Central and State Level as


  1. Chairperson-01 Post

  2. Vice-Chairperson-02 Post

  3. Coordinator-01 Post

  4. Joint Coordinator -01 Post


  1. Chairperson-01 Post

  2. Vice-Chairperson-02 Post

  3. Coordinator-01 Post

  4. Joint Coordinator -01 Post


The SPER Life Members studying in Diploma, UG, PG, Pharm. D. and Ph.D. are eligible for holding any positions in the Central and State branches of SPER-SF.


  • To promote social contacts among young pharmacists of the country.

  • To provide a platform for the young pharmacists to discuss their concern about various opportunities in the pharmacy profession.

  • To promote and motivate significantly the future pharmacists of the country.

  • To undertake and promote scientific and pharmaceutical research activities related to pharmaceutical education & research.

  • To arrange seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures and exhibitions to focus on pharmacy profession with the involvement of young pharmacists of the country.


To work continuously with young pharmacists of the country for creating the awareness related to various rights of pharmacist’s in the country.

SPER Students’ Forum [SPER-SF]

The Chairperson
SPER Students’ Forum
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