About Us

The Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (SPER) is a prominent organization dedicated to advancing the field of pharmaceutical sciences. With a strong focus on education, innovation and research, SPER serves as a vital platform for professionals, scholars, and students to collaborate and exchange knowledge. Through conferences, seminars, and publications, SPER promotes innovation, disseminates cutting-edge research, and fosters excellence in pharmaceutical education. By facilitating networking opportunities and providing resources, the society plays a crucial role in shaping the future of pharmaceuticals, ultimately contributing to the improvement of global healthcare and the well-being of society.

SPER is one of the leading pharmaceutical association in the country and working in the interest of pharmaceutical professionals, with a member base of around 3,500, it spread across the country and have 13 state branches.


  • Cultivation and promotion of the study and practice of pharmaceutical sciences education & research.
  • Promote social contacts among pharmacists across the globe.
  • Undertake and promote scientific and pharmaceutical research activities related to pharmaceutical education, research and skill development.
  • Edit and publish, research journals related to the field of pharmacy for nourishing, spreading and promoting the research scholar and academicians.
  • Arrange seminars, symposia, conferences, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, training programs to focus on pharmacy profession through publications.
  • Provide a platform to discuss various issues related for the growth and development of pharmacy profession.
  • Honour eminent academicians, researchers and young scientists engaged for the upliftment of pharmacy profession.
  • Carrying out continuous research on various employability options for the pharmaceutical students and collaborate with educational institutions as well as pharmaceutical companies.
  • Engage community through various training programs to enhance knowledge. Also design modules and certificate programs for the community to empower them for better employability.


To promote research in pharmacy and allied disciplines, with particular reference to the current development in the field;

For the advancement of pharmacy in the country; and To collect, evaluate, disseminate and to employ the knowledge acquired for the benefit of the country.


To work continuously with pharmacy institutions and pharmaceutical research industries for the growth and advancement of pharmacy profession.