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SPER 2024

Online registration [Early Bird] are open for SPER 13th Annual International Conference & Exhibition [SPER 2024]


SPER Awards

Last date for submission of nomination will be November 30, 2023


SPER-T&F Join Hands

SPER and Taylor & Francis (T&F) has forged a collaboration to advance pharmaceutical research and innovation.


About SPER

The Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (SPER) is a prominent organization dedicated to advancing the field of pharmaceutical sciences. With a strong focus on education, innovation and research, SPER serves as a vital platform for professionals, scholars, and students to collaborate and exchange knowledge. Through conferences, seminars, and publications, SPER promotes innovation, disseminates cutting-edge research, and fosters excellence in pharmaceutical education. By facilitating networking opportunities and providing resources, the society plays a crucial role in shaping the future of pharmaceuticals, ultimately contributing to the improvement of global healthcare and the well-being of society.

SPER is one of the leading pharmaceutical association in the country and working in the interest of pharmaceutical professionals, with a member base of around 3,500, it spread across the country and have 13 state branches.

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Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey in the world of pharmaceutical education and research? Look no further than SPER. As a leading global community dedicated to fostering excellence in the pharmaceutical field, SPER invites you to join and unlock your true potential.

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Expanding Horizons: Book Publishing Opportunities

Through the collaboration between Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (SPER) and Taylor & Francis (T&F), society members now have an exclusive chance to submit book proposals for potential publication.

This partnership enhances the platform for aspiring authors within the society, opening doors for their research and expertise to be shared with a broader audience under the esteemed Taylor & Francis imprint.

Workshops for the authors with the experts

In an exciting initiative, Taylor & Francis (T&F) is harnessing its editorial expertise to curate a series of online workshops catered to PhDs and young faculty members. These workshops are meticulously designed to offer invaluable insights and comprehensive guidance on diverse facets of academic publishing.
The workshops aim to equip participants with the knowledge and tools necessary to navigate the intricacies of scholarly publishing successfully.

SPER-T&F Student Ambassador Program

SPER student forum, proudly launches the Student Ambassador Program. This exciting initiative will identify young research fellows who will serve as T&F ambassadors. The program offers comprehensive training, equipping these ambassadors with invaluable skills in academic writing and related areas. Beyond training, the program provides networking opportunities and exposure to the publishing industry, empowering participants with a deeper understanding of scholarly communication.

SPER Institutional Members: Unlock Exclusive Discounts

In an exciting development, institutional members of the Society of Pharmaceutical Education & Research (SPER) can now enjoy exclusive benefits as they join hands with Taylor & Francis (T&F). Through this collaboration, SPER members gain access to discounted prices on a wide range of books from Taylor & Francis. This partnership aims to enhance the educational and research endeavors of SPER's institutional members, empowering them with affordable resources to further their knowledge and expertise.

Latest News (Explore more)

  • SPER and T&F unite their expertise to foster innovation and knowledge dissemination in the field of pharmaceutical education and research through a strategic collaboration.
  • SPER organised international conference in collaboration with Springer Nature.
  • SPER organized SPER International Conference & Exhibition [SPER 2019] at Narai Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Mr. Upendra Yadav, Deputy Prime Minister, Govt. of Nepal inaugurated SPER - NEPAL along with Director General, Drug Administration, Govt. of Nepal, Chairman, Nepal Pharmacy Council and other dignitaries.
  • SPER organized SPER Sponsored International Conference on Pharmaceuticals, API and Manufacturing at Jakarta, Indonesia.

SPER Market Research

SPER SOCIAL revolutionizes the landscape of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives by providing a dynamic platform for corporations, investors, and stakeholders to connect, collaborate, and drive positive change.

Our innovative approach facilitates transparent communication, fosters sustainable practices, and empowers organizations to make informed decisions that prioritize social impact and environmental stewardship. We amplify your CSR and ESG efforts, engage with like-minded professionals, and catalyze meaningful progress towards a more equitable and sustainable future.


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